By Angela Cavill

Written and compiled by Angela Cavill, this book was commissioned in 2011 by the Spitz Club of Finland (SPJ) as part of its contribution the 2014 World Dog Show in Helsinki. The original objective was to translate articles and excerpts from books about the Finnish Spitz to give a picture of the breed in its home environment, and to explain its importance as the National Dog of Finland for owners, exhibitors and judges.  It has become much more than the 100 page simple concept envisaged.

Angela has used her extensive knowledge and her archive and personal collection of  art and memorabilia along with contributions from the Finnish Kennel Club and many photographers and artists, to give a unique insight into Finland’s National Breed and its cultural context in Finland.

The Chairman of the SPJ in 2011 was Risto Ylitalo and in his introduction to the book he has written:  ‘I would personally like to thank Angela for her dedication to our National breed over many years and Finnish Spitz enthusiasts in Finland have immeasurable appreciation of her work.  This book is her crowning achievement and will be important in spreading knowledge about the breed around the world.’

The book now comprises 322 pages.  It is an incredible publication, beautifully designed and produced and with many hundreds of stunning illustrations.  It is likely to appeal to anyone interested in the breed and will take its place among those exceptional breed books which canine enthusiasts treasure.


 When Finland was awarded the World Show the Spitz Club of Finland felt that it would like to mark the occasion by publishing a book about Finland’s National Breed in English to be available for judges and enthusiasts at the World Show.  After a great deal of discussion it was agreed that the best person to write such a book was Angela Cavill whose dedication to the breed for over 40 years has been exceptional and who has what must be one of the best collections about the breed in the world.  There have been several excellent books about Finnish Spitz over the years but most focused on one specific aspects of breed such as its characteristics, it is hunting ability or as a pet.  It was agreed that this book should be much more and now it has been published this is certainly the case.

Angela has brought together an exceptional archive of material which includes her own writings, translations of many of the standard texts, photographs, pictures and other examples of the way in which Finnish Spitz are embedded into Finnish life.  They include Children’s books, picture postcards, Christmas cards, postage stamps and artwork which demonstrates the impact the breed has had on life in Finland.  Hard-backed and illustrated throughout in colour, the 300 pages are the result of an enormous amount of research and hard work and we who represented the breed in Finland are immensely proud of the way in which our wonderful breed has been brought to life in its pages.   Her love and commitment to 2 Finnish Spitz shine in every chapter as she guides the reader through every facet of the breed.  Some of the historical material has never before been published while writers and artists and photographers have been incredibly generous in giving permission for their work to be included.

I have no hesitation in saying that breeders and exhibitors, the Finnish Kennel Club and indeed the hundreds of thousands of Finnish Spitz owners in Finland and throughout the world will be captivated by this unique publication and all will be hugely grateful to Angela Cavill for the three years she has spent in compiling this beautiful book

Risto Ylitalo

Chairman of the Spitz Club of Finland when the book was commissioned.


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