By Finland’s most famous political cartoonist, Little Ones is a highly collectible portfolio of his delightful artwork of babies and toddlers. With pencil sketches, cartoons and soft watercolours, which are at once immediate and intimate in style, small wonders are captured.  Kari’s masterful strokes reveal his full artistic range in the incidents of every day seen through a child’s eyes and a parent’s loving gaze. All exquisitely capture the first innocent days of childhood.

Kari Suomalainen (1920–1999) started drawing daily political cartoons in the Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, in 1951. His cartoons soon became universally popular and over a 40-year career with the paper, he drew some 7,500 cartoons for the leader page. He received many awards for his work, including the National Cartoonist Society (USA) award in 1959, and was appointed an honorary professor in 1977 by President Kekkonen. He was born into an artistic family and his grandfather was the world-famous sculptor, Emil Wikström.  Visavuori museum north of Helsinki celebrates the work of both Suomalainen and his grandfather.

Originally published in Finnish as Kakarakirja this is the first time that the book is available in English. It is published by Pikku Publishing, 54 Ferry Street London E14 3DT +44 (0)20 7093 1614  +44 (0)7763 877656                        

It is available at independent bookshops, Amazon and also from the Finnish Church and Finn-Guild’s offices. The price is £12.99 hardback. ISBN  978-0-9928050-2-9