Events 2008

The Emergence of Religious and Ethnic Pluralism in Finland

Dr Titus Hjelm, Lecturer in Finnish Society and Culture at UCL School of Slavonic and European Studies, spoke to us about demographic changes in the traditionally homogeneous make-up of Finnish Society in the context of the need for Finland to encourage immigration to avoid the risk of labour shortages as the baby-boomer generation moves into retirement.

The Work of Hugo Simberg (1873-1917)

21 October 2008

Hugo Simberg is one of Finland’s most interesting artists. He was a pupil of Akseli Gallen-Kallela who said that Simberg’s work “looks like prophesies that everyone should listen to and bear in mind.” The artist’s granddaughter, Ann Simberg-Saunders, spoke about his work and illustrated her talk with many photographs of his paintings and drawings including some in private collections.

Finland and the European Union

17 September 2008

Reijo Kemppinen, then head of the European Commission Representation in London, spoke about Finland’s position in the EU.

The Finland War 1808-09, and Sir Henry Layard

29 May 2008

Dr John Screen marked the 200th anniversary of the outbreak of the Finland War with a talk which looked particularly at the strategic situation of Finland with regard to its defences and the outcome of the war for both Sweden and Finland. Prof. Bill Mead spoke about the diary which Sir Henry Layard (1817-1894) wrote during his visit to Finland in 1838.

Vappu Party at Garbo’s

2 May 2008

Members gathered at Garbo’s for the traditional feast comprising three styles of herring, smoked salmon, gravadlax, poached salmon, roast beef, roast chicken, meat balls, Jansson’s temptation, salads, cheese and fruit.

Terijoki and its Golden Days

26 March 2008

The talk was given by one of the Society’s members, Mrs Lahja Koppanen-Atkins. Her childhood and early schooling were spent in Terijoki and she was a contributor and member of the editorial board for the book Terijoen rannoilta mailman tuulii, published in 2006 by Terijoen Yhteislyseon Kilta. Her talk was illustrated with lots of old photos showing some of the wonderful and extravagantly-designed villas and also family pictures showing our speaker as a young child.

AGM held at the Residence of the Finnish Ambassador

21 February 2008

The AGM and the reception following it were generously hosted by the Ambassador, H E Mr Jaakko Laajava.

A film evening

30 January 2008